“Photo is memory.”

That’s what my mum used to tell me when we were flipping through endless pages of old family albums, those with plastic pockets carrying 4”x6” black and white photos that had faded over time.

I don’t have any memories of my grandmother. She passed away the year I was born, 55 days before my first cry. My clearest memory of her was a portrait in which I could only see her facial features by the slight contrast that hadn’t been eradicated by time. Photography was for rich families back then, and my family was obviously not one of them. It was Vietnam in the 80s.

The first time I touched an SLR was in my senior high, a Canon, the model of which I had no idea about. I messed up a whole roll of film. ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed were strangers to me back then. My mate’s dad must have been very mad at me when everything that came out of his darkroom was either pitch black or completely white.

The second time I “touched” photography, I had a bit more experience, just a tiny bit. This time I bought a DSLR so that I didn’t have to worry about wasting rolls of film with my lack of experience.

Wait, that should be enough about my failed attempts to photography.

To me, photography is not about gears, it is about how I see the moving world through still images. This world never stops, even for one millionth of a second, although photos do. Those are the exact moments when I pressed my shutter-release button.

I love how photos embrace memories. Even now I still enjoy sitting with my mum, flipping through family albums for hours.

I love how shadow can be used to define shapes, light and moods.

I love how images tell the untold stories, in serenity. Sometimes, we are too busy to pay attention to beautiful moments around us.

I love how photography helps me to express my ideas.

I could spend hours telling  you how much I love photography, although that is not really important to you. You should be asking yourself the question, “Do I like his photos?” Think of photography as an art, and the photographer as an artist. You will be paying me for photography skills, including my gears & equipment to get the job done and my artistic view. Then think about the good time that we are going to spend together ;).

So, if you think I’m the one you want to hire to document your memories photographically, make a move (I don’t bite), book me for your next photo shoot

Chat with you soon.