Can you feel it babe?
Love is in the air.
Love is everywhere.
It’s the heartbeat we share.”

Wedding is beautiful, emotionally beautiful.

Wedding day is the day two people who love each other so much that they have decided to make their lifetime commitment. Wedding marks the most important milestone in your life.

It’s the day that you will spend months to plan with countless sleepless night. It’s also the day that you will be too nervous and busy so that you might miss moments like your dad smiling when he first sees you in your wedding dress, your mum holding her breath when you step into the limo, and your husband-to-be can’t hold his happiest drop of tear when your dad walks you down the aisle.

Let me be your reporter on your wedding day. Let the photos unfold stories and show emotions on the day that you couldn’t see. Let’s embrace the sweetest memories of your special day for years to come.

Let me be your storyteller. There is so much love in your stories. That love brings you together and shapes your reactions when you see each other, the way you look at each other, and every kiss & hug that you give each other. That love moves your guest’s heart when they listen to your speeches at the reception. That love deserves to be preserved and presented beautifully.

Your perfect wedding day is your lifetime’s investment. So it makes sense to invest in someone who can capture those special memories and details for you. I’m so honoured you are considering me to be your wedding photographer. Let’s show the world your love story.

Wedding Photography Investment starting at $1,680


Some of my works haven’t made their way to my website yet. Let’s catch up for a cup of coffee, I have much more to show you.